Easter Island and Canadian Healthcare Policy

The health research world is a-twitter today about the longevity boosting effects of a compound called Rapamycin. Hailing from the soil of Easter Island, Rapamycin significantly extends the lifespan of mice, and may do the same for humans. I imagine happenstance discoveries like this to be the tip of the iceberg for radical longevity therapies.

Which makes me wonder: how does our society and social infrastructure cope when, for example, people don’t retire until they are 80? Or when the retirement-to-death duration starts increasing by decades? I know from my studies of life insurance that rates, funding levels, etc. take into account a certain expectation of increasing longevity, but that expectation is based on the relatively conservative gains of the last few decades. Will the social net, financial, and healthcare industries be blindsided by science? Is there anyone in government thinking about these things?

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