Russia’s Ruined Navy – explore the (half) sunken wrecks in Google Maps

Google Maps satellite imagery has captured the ruined remains of the Soviet navy. Point your Google-eye view anywhere around Murmansk, and its hard not to trip over half-submerged, rusted, sunken hulls – sometimes off by their lonely selves, other times crammed into a bay like wood in a fireplace.

The backstory is simply that when the USSR fell apart, much of its vaunted military machine was sold, scuttled, mothballed, or otherwise abandoned, as military budgets and control shriveled away. Now, they’re rusted husks provide a perfect post-apocalyptic Monday distraction. Your challenge is to use the map views below as a starting point, but comment if you can find any other notable ruins in the area.

For more Murmansk area military finds, see English Russia (sadly screenshots only, not Map Embeds).

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Now – have fun exploring:

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Incredible – look at them all:

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There’s something so forlorn about this one, off in a bay by itself. Plus – it doesn’t look like its in bad shape, other than being heeled over and half-submerged, of course:

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And – bonus! Here’s an active example – some (nuclear?) subs at their docks:

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