Re-Introducing the Natural Law Party of Canada – Better government through Yogic Flying

One of my most prized possessions is a Natural Law Party newspaper that I received as a high school student during the 1993 election. For those who may have missed the Natural Law Party, they are/were a federal party that back in 1993 fielded 231 candidates on a platform that included hiring thousands of yogic flyers to generate positive energy in Ottawa.

Since then, they seem to have fizzled out – the Wikipedia link above suggests that they threw in the towel after getting .13% of the popular vote in 2000. Further evidence of the party’s dissolution is that their website now appears to be about scuba diving.

Anyway, say what you will about their policy positions, when the invitation from our high school was put out to all of the parties to have a debate with the students, the Conservatives, Liberals, and Natural Law Party showed up – instantly giving the NLP more credibility than the NDP in my eyes (a position I hold to this day).

I say Canadian politics is a less colourful place without the NLP (the Green Party is a pale substitute), and indeed is a harsher, meaner place than it was in 1993 (attack ads and all). So in the spirit of livening up the coming election, I’m going to post excerpts from that 1993 newspaper for your enjoyment. Pictures and transcript follow below, beginning today with the NLP’s plan to change the doors that MP’s enter and exit Parliament through to encourage more harmonious discussions. Note that apparently Parliament was as venal and bickering-ful (?) a place back in 1993 as it is today.

“The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, with their improper orientation and southern main entrance, do not give due consideration to the laws of nature, and therefore will not favorably support the harmony and success of the government.

‘It is no surprise that the Members of Parliament are constantly quarreling,’ says Dr. Neil Paterson. ‘The mistakes in the design of the House of Commons are clearly reflected in the tense and disharmonious atmosphere in the House.’ [True – very true – r]

In order for the government to be fully effective, it is very important to close the south entrances to Parliament (see diagram). The Natural Law Party also suggest that all Canadians, both for their own good fortune and for that of the whole country, should refrain from using south entrances to their homes and offices. ‘Unless we reconstruct our country in accord with Natural Law, we will not enjoy the full support of the evolutionary power of Natural Law in all of our activities, and problems and misfortunes will continue in our government and in our nation,’ said Dr. Paterson.”

There it is. Do yourself and the country a favour and skip those disharmonious south-facing doors, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Re-Introducing the Natural Law Party of Canada – Better government through Yogic Flying”

  1. Oh man I miss having such kooky parties in the mix. I remember Canadian illusionist Doug Henning was involved with them. And I remember seeing a demonstration of “yogic flying” that amounted to peope sitting reverse cross legged on the floor and hopping up and down from their butts. Good times indeed.

  2. I know, Reid – me too! They were great. The Doug Henning endorsement is up on YouTube – I’ll post it here sometime. Good stuff. If you look up Neil Paterson on Wikipedia, he’s an interesting story too – prominent Salt Spring guy, and was at one time at least a fabulously wealthy mining corporation owner.

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