Accountability, First Nations, Attawapiskat, and #idlenomore

Deloitte today reported that 80% of $109 million dollars spent at Attawapiskat over the last 7 years is basically impossible to account for.

Among the 505 transactions examined from April 2005 through November 2011, fewer than 20 per cent could be fully tracked and documented — and 61 per cent had no documentation at all explaining the reason for payment.

The auditors report they found “no evidence of due diligence in the use of public funds” by the band, and conclude they were unable to determine if the funds were spent for their intended purpose. [Winnipeg Free Press]

That makes it pretty clear that its time for change – in Ottawa, and on reserves. Every part of the system is broken, and doing nothing but wasting tax payer dollars and perpetuating bad outcomes. The #idlenomore protesters need to demand accountability from the Federal Government — but also from their own leaders.

Update: Another article in the National Post tells the story pretty well:

Nothing in the CBC report, or in Ms. Arsenault’s year-old report, suggest that Ms. Spence or the people around her are stealing money. Instead, they collectively present an image of a massively unproductive, high-cost, sociologically infantilized and dysfunctional welfare state, run by poorly trained and educated locals who have little political legitimacy and no tax base — all of it overseen by an Ottawa bureaucracy that is itself beleaguered and only semi-functional. [National Post]

One thought on “Accountability, First Nations, Attawapiskat, and #idlenomore

  1. more than enough money has been spent on the natives. there should not be a hungry, cold , unhoused person on any reserve in canada. if 100, 000 dollars a year for each man, woman, and child on reserve property cannot supply food ,clothing and housing then scrap the whole system and let natives get jobs and or move to where they can get jobs and support themselves.

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