Apple should open Siri up like Twitter’s done with “Cards”

Twitter cards allow content publisher to define how content will appear on Twitter when people post links to it. For example, this Tweet, which includes a link to the Wall Street Journal, includes a rich embed from the WSJ, that they themselves have defined.

Twitter – as I understand it – still approves a card before before it goes into production, so they can still do quality control. But at the end of the day, anyone can create a Twitter Card for their content and submit it for approval, via

So – my suggestion to Apple is that if they really want to drive widespread adoption of Siri, they should open it up via a card-like system where providers of different services can submit voice-based interactions for approval and rollout. For instance – the new iOS 6.1 apparently includes the ability to purchase movie tickets via Fandango – why can’t all manner of other similar transactions, from purchasing subway passes to time on a parking meter, be Siri-accessible? Apple doesn’t have the resources to voice-automate every transaction in our modern-world, but the companies that provide each of those transactions certainly do, and have the economic incentive to do so – if Apple lets them.

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