Dumb things about the Healthcare System: Maintenance Drug Prescription Renewals

So, I’m asthmatic, mildly. I keep a salbutamol puffer around for periods of exercise. I have my entire life, and will continue to do so until gene therapy cures me of asthma entirely. Yesterday, I called my pharmacy to order a refill, and was denied. Not because I was out of refills, but because the prescription was more than a year old.

Now, I have to visit my doctor to get a new prescription, which is a waste of my time, my doctor’s time, and taxpayer dollars. I understand the notion of enforced reviews for say, oxycontin, or a drug for some kind of acute treatment, but to require a doctor to rewrite a prescription for my case seems like bad policy. Is this a Manitoba thing? Or a Shoppers Drug Mart policy? Or what? Aren’t pharmacists supposed to be able to prescribe maintenance drugs already?

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